Fun things to do on your phone when you are bored

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Fun things to do on your phone when you are bored

Although the contemporary generation is busiest of all. But still, every one of us has free time which is filled with boredom. These boredom stricken hours can never be called as the resting phase. Rather this drains your energy more than any work will do.

So why not to use this time in something constructive. But most of us keep on thinking it for hours and end up getting more bored. So this article is here to help you with the ways you can entertain yourself.

You don’t have to go anywhere your iPhone is there to slay your boredom. So let us have a look at how you can do so.


If you want to further develop yourself or just listen to some amazing stories Aubile is a great app that has a huge amount of content which you can find on Amazon where you are required to purchase it and then it will sync to your phone.  

They also have plans where you can sign up and get one book per month.  If you are trying to open your own business, learning how to interact with people better or just want to listen to tips about the stock market this is the place for you.

Tv and radio:

When you are bored, what could be more fun able then watching TV or listening to your favorite program on radio? There are many ways to get good media on your iPhone. All you need to enjoy in your free time is a good media supporting app and an internet connection.

Some channels like BBC offer their iPhone-optimized apps like iPlayer site, but you need to be in UK to access that.

If you have no free time at the on airtime of your favorite show, then there are no worries because you can record TV using Elgato’s TV tuners and export the recorded content to your iTunes library, and that is it. Your favorite TV program is ready to be synced with your iPhone.

To enjoy your favorite radio program, try downloading Tuner internet radio, it provides a centralized service providing thousands of streaming radio stations from all over the world. You can also enjoy music to your taste by downloading, it creates a music station of your taste. 

With the release of sling media, TV has truly arrived at your iPhone. All you need to do is to allow the live TV to be streamed from your home to the iPhone via one of its hardware encoders boxes


Do you want to show off the power of your iPhone? Then this application is surely for you. This application showcase the power of the iPhone. Slay your boredom with the Band. If you are a musician or you do it as a hobby, then it is just for you.

Jam with a band and try the new melodies and music plan. The instrumental range of the application is just beyond amazing. With the guitars, drums, keyboard, and blues creator you can have a hand on experience of professional music production.

Be creative in your free time. Layer the available instruments, and you can also overdub them to create the music of your own choice.

So don’t sit idle and be creative with your free time making music masterpieces.

Open talk:

How many of you get fascinated with the idea of a pen friend? How captivating idea it is to have a distant friend with different race and rituals. The world is progressing, and it is becoming a global village. So why to restrict ourselves by the boundaries.

Open talk is an alluring app that gives its users a platform to talk to any person anywhere on the globe. Language should not be the hurdle in communication.

Amazingly this app offers many searching options. You can look for your friends by filtering through the areas, language, common interests, or study options.

Talk to different people and learn about them. If you want to improve your communication skills, then what else can be a more fun way to do so.

Through short stories, standup comedies, music, and the debate on the hot topics make your boredom time full of constructive enjoyment.

Split picture:

How many of you wanted to see their clones?  All of us have wished so.  Then how about seeing your clone in your free time.

There are simple steps to see it. Go to the app store and install the split picture.

This will allow you to clone yourself in your pictures and selfies. So make your clone stand by your side to make your picture creative.

The fun doesn’t halt there. If you have a pet, then take its picture to make a savage troop of your pets. How interesting it can be? Just try it.


In the boredom phase, what we are running low on is mostly: “the motivation.”

So why not use this time to boost the motivation?

TED application homes the fines motivation talks by the finest person all around the globe. They share their success stories or their ideas or anything that makes them distinct from others.

So just download the application and filter the category about which you want to listen and hear to the speakers.

This is worth trying. Give it a try and ace your boredom time by boosting the motivation.


If you are a programmer, then this application is for you.

Codecademy offers the most fun way to teach about the basics of coding. If you are a newbie then this will help you to make your basics strong. To utilize the free and boredom stricken hours to learn something constructive.

If you find yourself a proficient programmer, then still this app will keep you in touch with the roots of the programming.

To enter into the programming world by dedicating your free hours to it.


If you are someone who is always in the quest to search the new content then give this app a try, and you will never regret this choice.

Although the searching browsers are filled with the content, and it adds on every single second. Here you can think that what is the significance of using a separate app?

Search engines are open for all the credibility of the content is often compromised then. Stumbleupon values your precious time by providing you with quality content.

So value your time too. Give a read to the articles or watch the videos or see pictures.

Listen to podcasts:

Sorry for all the podcast lovers for discussing it so late, but here you go.

Listening to the podcast is one of the quickest ways to get yourself entertained. True story podcasts, mystery podcasts, and the crime podcasts are most common among all.

Apart from the enjoyment of listening to the podcasts also help to groom and improve yourself. The financial management podcasts, for instance, can help you to manage the finances.

The best thing is that you can download the podcasts and can hear them later offline. By doing the routine chores or sitting idle you can engage your brain in fun and productive activity by listening to these amazing podcasts of your choice.

Duo lingo:

Do you want to learn a new language? Many people enjoy learning about the new language. A new language is a gateway to learn about the custom and literature of any community.

Don’t you find time to go to the linguistic school? So that is no more a problem now. You can learn it in a fun way. Duo lingo enables you to learn English, Spanish, or German or any other language of your own choice. The application offers 20 languages.

The competitive lesson plan is accompanied by the exercises so that you can keep track of your progress.

How cool is this to learn a new language in the free hours?

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