5 Reasons to Buy an iPhone

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Apple is an icon of being superior. A Status symbol. Yes, it is, but how does it make its way when android was already advancing its paths?

Why is it so irresistible for customers to spend a hefty amount on the phone? Well, it’s definitely the quality and functionality the phone brings to the table.

Did you know that, as soon as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were released, around 50 devices were bought in a single second. Considering the stats, almost 4,320,000 per day were sold in 24 hours. Moreover, the US has 101 million iPhone users. This shows how the iPhone has become an essential part of our daily lives.

There can be hundreds of features that can help the iPhone to outstand the crowd. It is sleek and simple. Moreover, it is innovative and productive. It is a media powerhouse.

5 Reasons to Buy an iPhone

Let’s not wait for any further and have a look at the 5 reasons to buy an iPhone:

1. User-friendly device

Ask any iPhone user, what’s so special about your phone? They will say, first of all, it’s easy to use. 

Apple is introducing new models, but since the first iPhone was launched, it has the same app grid settings. These are easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to manage. Apple creates comfort with its consistency in familiarity.

You can connect to other devices and manage most of your daily affairs through your iPhone as well. It’s true that the iPhone doesn’t have the best battery backup on the market but that can be overcome with a powerful charger, such as ZAHEMES Compatible with iWatch. 

So, in a nutshell, take your new iPhone out of the box and it’s ready to use with a single tap. Ease of use makes it one of the most likable phones. Because both, a businessman and casual user would want to have an easy to use the phone.

2. Integration of hardware and software

The secret recipe of the iPhone is its outstanding integration between hardware and software applications.

Apple claims that they do not only focus on making great software but powerful hardware as well.

Your experience with built-in apps or exploring apps on the App Store would be different from that of android. You can build your customized apps collection, with endless possibilities. 

Take the example of Face ID, for the integration of software into hardware. TrueDepth sensors are used to scan your face for secure access to your phone. No other company has reached this level of excellence yet.

Siri and Control Center’s functions are some other advanced examples. No unwanted built-in apps and access to every new hit to the app store before an Android customer can reach.

3. Family Sharing Advantage

An Apple family is closer than before. Apple makes it possible to share on the iPhone. Now you can share purchases from the App Store. It can be iTunes and iBooks that you can share with up to 6 family members.

Parental control can be more accessible with the iPhone. You can get alerts with Ask to Buy option when a kid makes any purchase. So, you cannot only avoid a bill shock but also be aware of the downloading content.

Organize a shared calendar or track the location of your kids. Plan an iCloud storage to get more advantages of sharing your most essential or personalized things.

4. Best Support For Your Business

iPhone can be the best support for your business. Manage your meetings and share your data more easily and organized way.

iPhone, iPad, and Mac have built-in apps to help you collaborate with your team to create a presentation. They are the best tools for business. Its powerful hardware presents a platform to build customized apps for your company.

Apps have the power to affect workflow. It can improve client relationships, bring in innovation and boost your productivity.

You can start a work project on Mac and finish it on the iPhone. Stream your presentations to an HDTV using Apple TV. 

Apple makes it simple with built-in migration to move data from Windows or Android.

5: Apple Pay

You can use your androids to pay, but Apple is dead simple. Bring your iPhone near the payment terminal and tap your finger on your Touch ID sensor or use your face ID.

iOS also allows money transfers from friends and family with the built-in Messages app.

A credit card called Apple Card will be another finance manager, with no hidden fees and Daily Cashback rewards.


These are the top 5 reasons that encourage people to buy an iPhone.  Make sure to check out 5 top accessories for iPhones here.