Volume Turned Down iPhone FIX By Tricking Apple

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Volume Turned Down iPhone FIX By Tricking Apple. Here we will talk all about Volume Turned Down iOS 14 released some new features that keeps turning your volume down! Let’s fix it!
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  1. I have an iPhone 12 that I just bought a month ago. Selecting a “Device type” isn’t even an option 😒 the only option for a non vehicle is “forget this device”. The only option for a vehicle is “show notifications” “sync contacts” and group lists of which contacts to sync.

  2. So I uodated and tried this method… the volume isn’t going down anymore due to believing it’s a speaker, that’s a win…. the last problem I’m facing is… the volume should be turned down notification keep appearing every five seconds with the ring and vibrate and it’s a nuisance

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