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Measure the degree of love by the degree of giving. Giving a gift to your loved ones can be a simple and pleasant experience.

Stay closer to your friends by selecting a gift that can stay with them 24/7. Today everyone seems to be a lover of iPhone or Apple products and don’t unplug.

This craze can make your gift selection easy. Yes, gift an iPhone accessory that can please your loved one the most. There’s a vast range of accessories available for the iPhone.

But selecting a gift can not be a dull experience since the market is flooded with a plethora of items.

The owner of the iPhone can have basic accessories like chargers or phone cases. But gifts must be unique and pleasant that can add more functionality to the phone.

We have enlisted the top five most unique gift items in different budgets. So, without much ado, let’s have a look:

1: Pop Socket Grip for iPhone

You and your friends are fun-loving so a pop socket grip can be a beautiful and pleasant surprise for both of you.

A fun accessory for a more comfortable grip and better view. It’s easily expandable for better hold. Or collapse it to fit in the pocket or wallet.

Help your friends to take photos or text with one hand without any worry because it offers a grip on the phone firmly. It will serve as a stand for the iPhone while watching videos.

Pop sockets are a style icon. You can choose one the style or color that your friend loves. Some of the manufacturers offer customized styles on your pop sockets. So, add a personalized style to the iPhone with convenience.

2: Lens Set for iPhone 8/8 Plus & iPhone 7/7 Plus

A camera lens is going to enhance the adventure of your family and friends. It can allow a superior image quality. Works equally well with all camera apps. It improves the quality of videos, panoramas, live broadcasting, time-lapse, and 360 VR.

A lens system for advanced quality capture with FRONT as well as REAR cameras. It is ready to take your selfies that are going to mark your memory lane.

No need for high-end cameras now put these lenses on your phone. They are easy to use and switch easily for the desired capture.

One of the best camera lenses is Moment – Wide Lens for iPhone. These lenses make it possible to limitless creativity. It captures 2x more edge to edge clarity. Now make your memories crisper, and straight, without any distortion.

3: Phone Holder for Car

You always want your loved ones to stay safe. Gift this phone holder to your family members or friends to stay in touch safely while driving.

Google maps work great for tracking location. It will be more feasible when the phone is attached to the holder, showing you your track while visible.

Sticky Gel Pad, attach it to windshield, dashboard or any flat surface. The phone will be safe even while turning. It will stand steady with bumps or super speed. 

360-degree rotations or adjustable height allows any angle view you want. They are available in different designs.

4: 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad

Are you and your family an Apple lover? Buy a 3-in-1 charging pad as a gift for your loved one. It’s the best solution to charge several devices securely in less time.

Just place your devices and start charging immediately. Mophie 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Pad for Apple iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch is an example of such charging pads.

This efficient device can charge the iPhone within a thick case even. It is not going to obstruct a night mode stand of the smartwatch. A lightweight, firm grip pad is ideal for a gift for a smart device lover.

5. Decoded Leather Wallet Case for iPhone XR

Tell the Apple-lover the secret of getting organized. This Decoded Wallet Case can manage your iPhone, money, credit cards and IDs.

It’s one solution to many problems. There is an opening for the camera lens, so there’s no need to pick out your phone every time. Keep it safe from mishandling or falling. Your most valuable properties are safe within one closet.

Leather wallet, specially designed for the iPhone adds to your style as it’s elegant.

Don’t delay the art of flowering your heart anymore.


So, these are the top 5 iphone accessories gifts that you can get for a friend or a loved one.  If you are unsure if an iPhone is right for you I recommended checking out 5 Reasons to Buy an iPhone .

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