iPhone Myths Debunked

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Buzz.. buzz.. Apple is a myth magnet. Why does Apple have to face buzz and rumors every day?

Every celebrity has to face it. The bigger the name the more rumors it would catch. Press, social networks and much more, all are alert about Apple’s next big release.

For the real user, a myth needs to die. People all over the world are willing to pay much more money to buy an iPhone. Just for the superior design?

The iPhone has much higher than just a design. It owns the most satisfying user-experience.

Did you know that Apple managed to sell about four million iPhones in the 4th quarter? This is a straight increment of 88% compared to the previous year. 

Moreover, it is enough evidence that iPhone is indeed a name of quality. In fact, it is labelled as a luxurious bauble for gadget enthusiasts as well. 

The existence of myths for any product is simply aimed at disrupting the value. Most of the myths are nothing but sheer lies. 

So, let’s find out the most famous myths revolving around iPhone:

Myth#1 – iPhone is tracking You

According to a news report, it was claimed that Apple is tracking the users and accumulating data.

On this matter, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said: “The truth is, we could make a ton of money if we monetized our customer — if our customer was our product.”

This led to an inquiry by the U.S. Congress on Apple. However, Apple denied any such claims and said, the data that was being collected by the phone was unintentional and anonymous. 

Still, Apple took it seriously and fixed the bugs that were being reported, especially when the new iOS 5 was released.

The Real Story:

When a user signs up with a new Apple account, their data goes on to the developers for verification purposes. They do it by verifying the emails, mostly. This helps the developers to know if a user is fraud or suspicious. 

This myth was further backed by the next rumor. $12 billion will be paid by Google to remain the default search engine for the iPhone. Let’s be clear. Google wants to target Apple fans, not for tracking but ads. Its customers’ search results that are attractive to them.

Myth#2 – iPhone pushes users to replace the iPhone

Apple was blamed for wilfully making its older versions slow to push users to buy a new one.

This controversy also lost in the explanation. Those iPhones are no more working well because of their aging batteries. They tended to abrupt shutdowns or slow processing. This irritating cause can lead consumers to replace phones.

The iPhone manufacturers even offered discounted battery replacements for negating the myth. Apple added an option in iOS of battery-health monitoring. 

Generally speaking, Technology is evolving fast. But Apple allows its older versions to perform maximum. You can take advantage of updating iOS in older hardware to extend its life for some more.

Myth#3 – Multitasking of iOS over-load the memory/power

The iPhone offers a very elegant presentation of multitasking. It does differ from the one offered by Android phones. The misconception arises the way it works. A misconception leads to a wrong tip. It is suggested that you should delete apps from the taskbar to free some memory.

Myth#4 – Multitasking will drain the battery and speed.

iOS developer explains it by showing apps states. Not running, inactive, background, suspended and active.

The moment you tap to Home Button, the app changes its state from Active to Background. It even jumps from Background to Suspended in seconds. This process is not utilizing any processing power.

iOS is smart enough to kill the app when even you need to switch to a memory-intensive app. So, the app goes to Not Running state.

The multitasking bar is usually a list of Recently Used apps, which could be Not Running.

Let the iOS work for you and enjoy the intelligence of your iPhone.


Tip: Always use an authentic charger and accessories for the iPhone for the longevity of its battery.

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