iPhone 12 Screen Dimming Automatically – 4 Ways To Fix

  • By: Kevin
  • Date:
  • Time to read: 3 min.

iPhone 12 Screen Dimming Automatically Fix – If your brightness keeps dimming without you doing anything then these steps will help you fix the issue if it is fixable.
Apple Support Brightness: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202613#:~:text=When%20Dark%20Mode%20is%20on,that%20images%20appear%20more%20natural.
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  1. Thank you for this video!!! All 4 tips worked for me. I couldn’t figure out why my brightness was all the way up, and it was STILL dark.

  2. Thank you so much 🌹 the accessibility tip was ON on my iphone 12 mini and I switched it off and it’s fixed

  3. I was wondering why my screen dim all the time when I use the GPS the whole day, it’s the heat! I have everything auto dim turn OFF

  4. I really appreciate this dude *jezcyber* on Instagram thanks for fixing my iPhone 12 pro 👌

  5. Auto brightness in accessibility was the solution wow why would they hide it there???!

  6. Thankyou so muchhhhhh! ✨ now my iPhone 12 mini won’t distract me ever again!!💖


  7. Hogwash. This is for newbs that don’t know about these settings but this doesn’t fix all of us that are still having the problems. Video sucks.

  8. When I go to accessibility, click on display & text size, there is no option for auto brightness. I’ve been dealing with this for months. My screen dims all the way every time I lock my iPhone XR. Please help!

  9. in that settings can you play please a high graphics game? to see if the dimming issue is fixed.

  10. Thanks for the help the last one plus True Tone’s helped so Thank you. This has been bugging me since I got the phone

  11. nothing worked I already had my phone on those settings and it’s only happens in the morning and I’m not working outside.

  12. Bullshit fucking 2 minute intro and he says “dont skip this it isn’t an intro”.

  13. Turning off Auto-Brightness helped me to fix this issue on my Iphone12 pro max

  14. Hey I done all my phone settings as you said but my phone screen still dimming while am driving. Am facing this problem because I always use navigation so I can’t see. Thanks anyway you do awesome job

  15. I just got iPhone 12 and was so frustrated because it kept Dimming to the lowest brightness and I have a privacy protector so outside it’s pitch black to where my phone looked turned off and I would higher brightness and in like 2 seconds it would go pitch black again I took it to my local Apple store and they couldn’t help me because I didn’t have a appointment and there appointment times don’t match my schedule so I came here to your video and thankfully it helped 🤗😊 so thank you I did everything in the video you did before watching video but it didn’t work but then I watched the video and there was one setting I didn’t do cause I didn’t know about it till I seen the video the setting it was that worked for me was the accessibility auto brightness so thank you again I’m happy now and can enjoy my phone and will come to your videos if I have other future problems..

  16. Mine was overheating 🥵. I had no idea that could be affecting my brightness. I actually held an ice pack on the back and the screen lit back up after a few minutes. Thanks!

  17. OMG! Thank you so much step 3 helped me, I Uber eats delivery 🚚 and this fixed my issue so much better!

  18. But the phone is heating up faster than usual. That’s the issue. Why at optimal temps and hardly using it, cause it to heat up internally? Hard drive issue? Not able to handle the components of the first year of 5G? Probably. Either way do not buy Apple until this issue is addressed. Cust support is horrible and they won’t man up to its customers.

  19. When i use my phone camera outside with full brightnes it gets super hot and after one or two minutes the brightness becomes low even when it shows full brightness is it hardware issue or software

  20. all tips not work,, my ipad 2020 its dark to play pubg, brighness keep down, stupid trash product

  21. Am on the beach on my vacation and the screen is all day f cked up dim…..seriously apple? 1500€

  22. They all worked lol not sure i just did what u said on all . When I fly my drone it goes darker and I can’t see anything

  23. His description was very thorough and I tried every option but the screen still did not come to full brightness in the daylight

  24. I knew it… auto tone was not the only thing dimming my screen it was driving me crazy…

  25. New phone going dark when overheats (it over heats so much) so bad . This is my first and last iphone def

  26. Thanks so much, step 1 worked, my brightness was all the way at the bottom🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️🙏

  27. I don’t know about y’all but my iPhone 6s Plus was way more reliable performance wise than my 12 Pro Max and that’s strange to me. I’m experiencing issues I never had before with past iPhones. My Phone’s display is unusable on Sunny days. When streaming videos the videos tend to freeze and lag…🤷🏿‍♂️ WTH

  28. Thanks I’d my third iPhone pro max none of these work my face I’d doesn’t work and it’s so dim I can barely see it apple just keeps replacing my phone

  29. People! When the phone is overheated the screen will be darker.. it is apple’s self defensing way.. you cant turn that off.. this problem appears all on my apple devices ( Ipad 8, ipad pro 12.9, iphone 11 pro max, iphone 12)

  30. My auto brightness was on and let’s see if it works. I’m lucky to have found your channel cause I looked before for help. You’re great! Glad I found you. Ty 👍

  31. If it heats up n does it how do I make it not do that like the sun is bright n my phone gets warm n I can’t see shit lmao

  32. You are Amazing !! I was a do not disturb junky. I work night shift so when I get home to sleep I always set it . Although I must say everything you touched on I checked 2 out of 3 things I was doing . Your video was extremely well done you spoke very clear ( not to fast ) gave visual examples. Amazing !! Thank you very much 🌺

  33. my phone only dims when im using uber. im a driver and when i use uber it dims to the point i cant see the map. but it doesnt do it when im using lyft. i bought a brand new iphone 12 pro max because my iphone 11 was doing it and the same thing. first day it was doing it.

  34. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I am on my 3rd replacement! As soon the phone gets a bit hot then the screen dims no matter what settings you have. The “ display dims to protect the phone “. Is pure bs! There is plenty of proof online where it shows the issue is a bad display!

  36. Lol, just got off a roof to search for an answer for this problem and then he SPOKE TO ME! Haha jk jk no I’m not no I am jk jk Jk no but seriously

  37. Thank you!!!! Auto dimming was driving me nuts!!! Now I need to know for the MacBook Pro 😂

  38. Bro mine keeps doing this so I looked it up and when I clicked on the video the brightness went back up wtf😂

  39. The auto brightness setting is completely missing from my settings app and every time I put my phone to sleep it turns the brightness back to 0

  40. I have nothing from these! Its still dimming and increasing! Don’t know why 🙄🙄🙄

  41. It’s doing this all the time especially whilst charging and it’s really irritating! I think it’s the case affecting heat from dispersing.

  42. I had Samsung for 8 years, i recently switched over to apple. I’ve never regretted anything as much as this decision. Fuck apple

  43. The option that worked for me was the option under settings>accessibility>Display and text size>Auto brightness. I turned off the auto-brightness and it fixed the dimming of my iPhone 12 Pro Max’s screen to a brightness in the sun that made it impossible to see anything on my phones display. Thanks for the help!!!!!! You’re a lifesaver (or phone saver) because I was ready to just throw my phone or switch to a Samsung phone but I love my iPhone over a Samsung phone.

  44. I did all of them and nothing changed until he said leave a comment and then all of a sudden my screen went brighter 🤣

  45. There’s no way to stop auto brightness due to temperature guys. Sorry just get over it

  46. Brightness dims because of the rise of temperature in the device , you can’t fix it by doing such stupid things.
    If I’ll get 100+ subscribers , I’ll make a full video about how to maintain the temperature of your device which proportionally will solve your auto dim brightness issue.
    Thanks 😊

  47. My phone just started doing this I have already shut off auto brightness and the tone I am now going to reboot it because it started doing it out of the blue I hope there’s nothing wrong with it

  48. i played asphald 9 racing on iphone 12 the screen go dark when the iphone starting get hot and me already switching off auto bright and any setting make it dark still happened

  49. People like you deserve to have a million subs🥳 thank you man👍🏽 tip 3 was the one

  50. This helped me so much! Thank you! I was getting so pissed that it was doing it by itself so thank you again!

  51. Can you tell why my Facebook messenger call can’t stay visible when I’m in menu , it should be just like Android , but unfortunately maybe I can’t get where to fix this , even when I’m watching YouTube it won’t show while I’m in menu or using other , coz I’m using YouTube premium, so it does work in Android , I can use any other app while watching YouTube

  52. Thank you the last tip helped going to accessibility it was on under auto dim I been trying to fix this for months! Thanks

  53. I got it fixed somehow I dont know how. But the strange thing is (My phone is an iPhone 8 so there could be some setting differences if you have a Tutorial for THAT please leave a link for me) I already made sure that EVERYTHING on this list was turned off. All of it. Before I had to find a tutorial for today and no it wasnt an overheating problem and my phone is at 90% and charging so that’s not the solution either. Any idea with what may be going on with my phone٫ like why it’s doing this when it doesnt need to?

  54. Mine still auto dim really pisses me off it dims down so far I can barely see it.

  55. Idky but i like my screen very bright so im guessin i had the auto brightness on. So i hope it doesnt dimmer LOL. ill give it one day n see.

  56. I turned off all settings and my phone continues to dim while it’s locked what the heck is going on?

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